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St Peter Newsletter Summer 2018 Leaflet

Future of Litter Picking Service in Englishcombe

For over 20 years, Englishcombe Parish Council has contracted out Litter Picking Services funded by BANES Council. Unfortunately from next year the funding from BANES is to cease. Therefore at our December Parish Council Meeting a decision will be made as to whether to continue funding this service ourselves. We have been offered transitional funding by BANES, but in order to afford to continue to fund this service, the Parish Council will have to raise the Parish Precept for the next few years by an average 6½p per week (based on a Band D household).

Therefore the Parish Council would like Parishioners' views on whether you will be happy to bear the cost of keeping this service. The meeting is on Monday 10 December so we would like views by Thursday 6 December.

The current Litter Picking Service concentrates on the areas outside the centre of Englishcombe and is provided for 5 hours each week. The areas covered comprise the main lane running through the Parish plus Kilkenny Lane, Ten Acre Lane and Haycombe. It is hoped that if litter is found in the more resedential areas of the Parish, community minded Parishioners will dispose of the litter themselves. The service also reports to BANES Council, the litter which cannot be dealt with easily as it falls into the category of fly tipping.

If we do not continue to use our contractor, the basic service we will receive from BANES from April next year will comprise:

* Weeds - once a year with a contractor spray.

* Empty litter bins in Council ownership, and remove some where under utilised.

* Mechnical sweeping as now.

Therefore please send your views on whether the Parish Council should continue to fund this service by increasing the Parish Precept over the next few years to cover the lost funding from BANES Council to the Parish Clerk, or contact your local Parish Councillor.
Contact details can be found on the Englishcombe Noticeboard or on the LINK at the top of the page.

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Clean Air Zone Consultation

BANES Council has outlined its proposal for a Class D Clean Air Charging Zone (CAZ) in the centre of Bath. The aim is to urgently reduce harmful levels of NO2 across the city, caused by vehicle emissions.

To take part in the consultation, read the information on:


and then complete a questionnaire.

No decisions have been made and BANES Council is really keen to hear your views.


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